#HolidayAnakMene 4: Internship


Hi guys! How you doin? Uda lama ya nungguin #CatatanAnakMene edisi #HolidayAnakMene? Hehe. Sengaja lama, biar kangen. Wqwq

So, #HolidayAnakMene 4 is talking about Internship.

Every worker seeks a company that makes him feel “Yeah, I love this company. I love my job. This is what I am looking for”. The fact is you don’t have much time to work at many places in the same time to explore every job you want. Spending 3 years looking for which company suits you best is also not the best option. Therefore, why don’t you take internship as solution?

Basically, internship gives you opportunity to feel both the working culture at a certain company/organization and working experience on specific job through specific and limited working period -mostly 3 to 6 months-, not too long huh?

Henneman et al. (2012) mentioned that organization culture and job description are 2 aspects to find out whether you are fit on that job (at certain company) or not.

By experiencing working culture at a company, you will find whether you are comfortable or not working in that company -along with the coworker. At some point, it also gives you picture about working culture in such industry. So, it’s about matching personal values and company’s culture.

At some internship programs, you will be assigned specific task, assignment, or project. By taking those responsibilities, you will understand the job difficulties, stress levels, physical requirements, their impact on your physical and mental health, and so much more about the job itself. Most importantly, you will figure out whether you love the job or not.

Undergoing internship will help you answer your assumption and prejudice.

You might think that you love being an accountant. Once you intern as an accountant for 3 months, you might find out that you like the job but not your coworkers or you don’t like the working schedule or even you hate spending your time with paper sheet the whole time. You hate back office working.

Internship is great opportunity to find whether you truly love the job and company you were admiring. Some company even give pocket money for intern workers. So, why don’t you try internship for your #HolidayAnakMene? 🙂


Heneman III, Herbert G., Judge, Timothy A., Kammeyer-Mueller, John D. (2012). Staffing Organization. 7th ed. McGrawhill.

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