#HolidayAnakMene 3: Short Course


“Honestly, I’ve been dreaming to be a polyglot. I want to master English, French, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese. But…yeah; the college life thing. Be realistic, no time for such things.”

Guys, have you ever wondered or had a conversation with one of your friends as I mentioned up there? Most of us, probably yes. And that’s why, short course during the holiday is a great way to satisfy our curiosity and eagerness towards something we want to be capable of.

Noe (2010) mentioned that in order to complete task or do something, we will need knowledge, skill, ability, and other condition. Each of them is important and has different treatment if you want to build capacity in that aspect.

Knowledge is basically understanding about the topic. You can boost it through formal education. While skill is the competency in performing the task. It is upgraded through repetition and training. Ability refers to the physical and mental capacity to do the activity. You should have proper preparation before doing the activity. Other condition means situation to support the task. Just look for the best place and the best moment.

Short course during holiday helps you getting the best support for all those 4 aspects. It’s the best moment and efficient way to master things you have been wishing for.

Some short course will start by the theory. It helps you gain more knowledge. Then, you will start by practicing under supervision of the coach/mentor. It surely sharps your skill about it. Some course also start with placement tests (mostly language and sport courses). It helps you understand your current ability. Lastly, your course venue is the supporting condition itself.

By taking short course, we can master competency we have been learning or practicing. Just remember knowledge or skill you have been wondering about. Foreign language, driving skill, cooking, swimming, photography, or even washing your clothes!

So, go start googling the courses you’ve been dreaming about. Call and ask your friends as they might help you to find it or even coach you about it. Gather friends with the same interest. And lastly, enjoy your #HolidayAnakMene! 🙂

Noe, R. A. (2010). Employee training and development 5th Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill International Edition.


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