#HolidayAnakMene 1: Traveling!


Why would management students do traveling when they are in holidays?

What I mean by traveling here is simply visiting places we were unable to visit when our schedule (in daily) was freaking full. There are several benefits from visiting ‘new’ places.

First, it helps you to take some break. For some of us, weekend means having extra time to do works. But they forget to have -and enjoy those break.

Ma Bro… I gotta tell you, go get some break –”

As simple as we need breaktime after working for hours. Lavie et al. (1998) even mentioned that individual will reach optimal limit after 90 minutes working. So yes, we need to take break. Traveling will ‘force’ us to have some break.

Secondly, traveling would not only help us taking some break, but also recharge our energy at that momemt.

Schwartz and McCarthy (2007) adds that there are 4 kinds of personal energy: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Traveling provides opportunity for better ‘recharge moment’ of all those energies. If we travel for days, we can have better sleep when no one knock our doors, or visit our room and make us sleep late. When we go to new place, our our mind switch for moment from daily focus to exploring something new. It helps us defuse our working anxiety and stress. And for some people, their core value activities or personal time can only be done in special/specific place. Thus, traveling will help them do it.

Traveling is one of option to have meaningful, fun, yet impactful holiday. It helps you put some break and recharge your energy better. So, dear all travellers, are you ready for better #HolidayAnakMene ? 🙂

Lavie, P., & Berris, A. (1998). The enchanted world of sleep. Yale University Press.

Schwartz, T., & McCarthy, C. (2007). Manage your energy, not your time. Harvard business review85(10), 63.


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